About Us

Fiction Editor / Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Erin Martell

Readers: Sandra Fees, Laurel Benjamin, Charlie Mraz, Isabella Baird

Interns: Almeria Esmurria, Cassidy Mylonakis

Behind the Artwork: Fall/Winter 2024

“Sky on Earth"
48 x 38'' oil on canvas 2023

Artist's Message:

“I live between two open hayfields that catch the light on them at drastic angles at sunset. I focused only on the reflection of the sky on the hay, which is why there is no blue sky." ~Lorna Ritz

Behind the Artwork: Spring/Summer 2024

"Tree and Mountain"
10 X 14" Holbein oil crayon 2022

Artist's Message:

"One town over is where I taught one summer, at Mt. Gretna School of Art. Mt. Gretna is a town in PA. where cutting trees is illegal, so they grow so tall there is no sunrise or sunset. If lucky, one can look straight up through the tall trees and get a tiny piece of sky coming through. So one day I took my students out of that town, to where there was an open field with distant trees that described the slope of the field and distant mountain. I did this drawing as a demonstration but kept working on it long after the students got inspired enough to do their own drawing."