Julene Waffle

Julene Waffle began her affaire de cœur with poetry as a child by writing in the moonlight in the space on the stairs between her room and her parents’. She has written a tri-weekly column using humor to focus on families with young children and has been a freelance writer for The Daily Star in Oneonta, NY. In addition to teaching High School English full-time in a small rural school, she writes poetry and essays around her three boys’ and her work schedules. As a result, she has also been published in The Adroit Journal Blog, NCTE’s The English Journal, La Presa, The Ekphrastic Review, and in the anthologies Civilization in Crisis (2020) by FootHills Publishing, Seeing Things (2020) by Woodland Arts Editions, and American Writers Review 2021, among others. She also published her first chapbook So I Will Rememberin 2020 (Woodland Arts Editions).