Common Ground Review News

October 21, 2015: It’s back-to-the-future day, and I’ve been reading posts about what the movies got right vs. what they got wrong. While I haven’t been editing Common Ground Review since 1985, I have gotten a few things wrong, or maybe not as right as they should be, and I am now going to try to correct them.

First, we need to switch our website from a complicated php platform to a wordpress. That way we can update it more often, and not have to rely on a skilled engineer. By the time you read this, you will be reading the wordpress version. I hope this doesn’t disrupt any ability to use the site.

Second, we need to switch from accepting submissions in three ways (via Submittable, via snail-mail, and via the editor’s email) to two ways so that we can keep track of submissions more efficiently and respond in a reasonable amount of time. To those of you who sent work to the editors’ email address, I am so sorry. Reading your work, sending it to all the editors and conferencing on it involved a much more complicated process than we could handle. We are no longer accepting submissions by email, and if you have sent us work, I can assure you that we will get to it faster if you re-send it via Submittable. Again, I apologize.

More happily, we are almost ready to format the Fall/Winter issue, and we’ll be reading for the Spring/Summer issue, too!

Even more happily, we’ve been hearing from some of our contributors about their new books. We’ll be posting short reviews of those books over the next months on this site.