Summer’s Lease

Today I came out of the air conditioning and into the hot mugginess of August: an overgrown patch of yellow black-eyed Susans, a pink stand of tall phlox, a few squash blossoms and fewer tomatoes than there should be because someone–a raccoon? a chipmunk?–has been munching on them. This is the time of year when our vacations aren’t coordinated and we get work done a bit haphazardly. But here’s what’s going on at the magazine:

  1. We’re reading submissions, thinking they’ll be for the Spring/Summer 2017 issue. There may be a few spots left for some Fall/Winter 2016-17 poems, and we’ll figure that out in early September.
  2. We’re catching up with snail-mail submissions as well as Submittable. If you’ve sent a submission to our email address, you probably aren’t aware that we’ve had to stop accepting those due to difficulties accessing those emails. There was a small matter of a Trojan…
  3. We sent out the initial run of the Spring/Summer 2016 issue–our most recent contest issue. If you would like to order one before September 20, we’ll happily send it to you for $10. If you want to order one after that, we will charge an extra $3 for the cost of mailing it.

We’re looking forward to the Amherst Poetry Festival & Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon September 15-17th.

But just for now, I’m going back to the garden. There’s a chipmunk nibbling at the zucchini.