Volume 1 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 1999

Eileen Abrizio

  • Expecting Depression
  • Something for Florence

Steve Straight

  • Lesson

Rennie McQuilkin

  • Human Condition

Susan Finnegan

  • Guava, Exes

James Rich

  • A Drafted Doctor’s Son

Vera Schwarcz

  • Almost Asleep

Elizabeth Thomas

  • Ebb Tide

John Sheirer

  • various untitled haiku, senryu, and tanka

Charles Darling

  • On the Morning of the Bridal Shower I am Sent to Get Balloons
  • Three Months, She Tells Him

Connie Albrizio

  • Wish I was a Poet

Claire Roof

  • Put your head up Emily

Emily Walpole

  • Other People’s Pictures

Lisa Sornberger

  • Seven Edible Moons
  • Cumberland Island

Edmond Chibeau

  • Whisper

Gabrielle Moss-Molerio

  • Sick, sick, sick

Kate Foran

  • Flower Girl

Alexander Taylor

  • Love is Not the Glad Eye
  • Across the Grand Canyon

Linda Porter

  • Willowware

Kathleen Christopher

  • Spiders, Ants, and Sunlight

Edith Hayes Spencer

  • Sunstruck Elegy
  • Epiphany