Volume 2 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2000

Elaine Morgan

  • Forecast

Louis Phillips

  • Even Sleep Takes Us Upward

Victoria Rivas

  • Strawberries

Virgil Suarez

  • For My Uncle Who Wept Every Time He Sliced a Papaya in Half

Louis Morris Cyr

  • Bike Ride

Robert Schuler

  • making Ikons, late Fall and early Winter

Vera Schwarcz

  • The White Line

Joyce Stashenko

  • Terrible Miracles

Elissa Barmack

  • My Father’s Music

Zan Bockes

  • Others, Thinking of You

Derek Kannemeyer

  • The Older Boy

Theodore Deppe

  • Great Egrets
  • Saturday Night Live

Gary Metras

  • The State Hospital

Alison Meyers

  • Daily News

Simon Perchik

  • *

B.Z. Niditch

  • One More Day

Jeremy Ward

  • (and occasional gear of the past)

Joan Ellen Ketrys

  • Breach Birth

Barbara A. Rouillard

  • place

Terri D. Klein

  • And Then, Out of Nowhere

Philip Kobylarz

  • no angels

Katharine Carle

  • All Hallows

John Surowiecki

  • Rumcake and Cookies at Mozzicato’s

John Grey

  • Lake Thaw

Martin Galvin

  • Wood Thrush