Volume 3 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2001

Kevin Carey

  • Seeing Sounds

Michael Tritto

  • Skies We Know

Dominic Jarrett

  • Sun Spot

Iris Gomez

  • Lost Horse Plateau

Andrea Bates

  • Asking Anna

Johanna Klotz

  • Birthday

Betty L.M. Greenberg

  • Black and White Photo of My Parents, 1934

Jackie Bartley

  • The Crossing

Katherine Stevens

  • Munch’s The Scream

Michael Sweeney

  • Last Poem for Robert

Vera Schwarcz

  • Back When Time Had No Beard

Dorothy D. Davis

  • Leaving Suburbia: Retrieval

Joanne Lowery

  • Fruits of Memory: Pear

Dorothy K. Fletcher

  • Gather Ye Rosebuds

Maureen Ott Trainor

  • Baroque Breakfast

Deanne Bayer

  • Reparations

Sarah Brown Weitzman

  • Ash Wednesday

Kenneth Ellsworth

  • Three Matchbooks

Anne E. Mullin

  • Lines

Maggie Crowley

  • Poem for Georgia O’Keefe

Christine Gallagher

  • The Jeweled Girl’s Farewell

Mimmo Iasiello

  • Witch

Katharine Carle

  • In the Cellar that Night

R.S. Carlson

  • On the House

Leone Scanlon

  • On Cleaning Day

Laura Reese

  • Shower

Linda Porter

  • Slow

Dennis Saleh

  • Declivity

Paul Grant

  • Star-gazing

Alice Ahrens Williams

  • The Deer

Gary Hanna

  • Fall

R.T. Castleberry

  • A Great Long Story (to Tell)

Lucille G. Shulklapper

  • First Frost

Corrine De Winter

  • The First Snow

Lila Zeiger

  • Ice Storm

Shana Ritter

  • Crossing Antarctica

James Doyle

  • Ice Skating

Lyn Lifshin

  • Blue He Said Is the Color of Chill

John Grey

  • Soup Line in Winter

Gary Metras

  • Adding Color to Winter