Volume 6 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2004

James Doyle

  • Looking Down the Canyon

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • Direction

Matt Harding

  • Shelburne Falls

Kate Chadbourne

  • To Become a Derry Woman

Shaari Mersack

  • Forever Morning

Mary Ann Meade

  • Cleaning Out Your Desk

Amanda Auchter

  • Apology

Becky Kennedy

  • Quiet
  • You Sang

Marc Swan

  • Jazz

Richard Luftig

  • On Looking at “Bather Drying Her Foot” by Degas

R.S. Carlson

  • She Passes On the Tradition

Janet Henderson

  • Dawn at Popham Beach

Daniel Green

  • Pelagic

Stephen Malin

  • Beached
  • Jebediah’s Morning

Jacqueline Dee Parker

  • The Cup

Elizabeth Simson

  • The Cup on My Windowsill

Dorothy Duncan Burris

  • The Argument

Andrea Bates

  • Sexing the Eggplant
  • The ABC’s of Spring Fever

Richard N. Bentley

  • Will This Poem Be On the Final Exam?

Joanne Lowery

  • Shame

Natalia Zaretsky

  • Inside the Wind of Time

John Hayes

  • Requiem for My Father

Rebecca Baggett

  • The Light, the Air

Susan Pomeroy

  • White Powder

Richard Jordan

  • Through the Ice