Volume 7 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2005

Lisa Zimmerman

  • Airing in the Given Moment

Carolyn Adams

  • Failing Light

Alice D’Alessio

  • Incident at Gull Isle

Janet McCann

  • Summer

Barbara A. Daniels

  • Dragonflies

Barbara Van Noord

  • Listening, Dreaming

Janet Henderson

  • Angels

William Swarts

  • This Body Climbed Monument Mountain

Garland Strother

  • The Hunter

Doug Ramspeck

  • The Fever

Stephen Malin

  • Home Ground

Brent Fisk

  • Sinking

M.K. Meder

  • Moon

Barbara Van Noord

  • Naming the Autumn

John P. Kristofco

  • Tomatoes in October

Charles Pierre

  • Deliverance

Sharon Patterson

  • In Hesitation

Alan Catlin

  • Home at Montclair

James Doyle

  • The House

Ellen Roberts Young

  • Journey

Bogdan Suceava

  • How to Survive Ghost-City

Angela M. Mendez

  • Like Chinese Feet

B.Z. Niditch

  • Who Is the Beggar?

Robert E. Haynes

  • Premature

Kyle Torke

  • Old Skins

Michael T. Young

  • Nocturne

Noel Conneely

  • Thaw

Ellen Roberts Young

  • Careless Love

Noel Conneely

  • Revolt

Becky D. Sakellariou

  • Fire and Pomegranates

Michael D. Riley

  • Crow

Sally Croft

  • Taking the Long Way