Volume 8 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2006

Martin Galvin

  • Aioi Bridge, Hiroshima, 1984

Maureen Tolman Flannery

  • The Moral Disorder

Steffen Horstmann

  • Ghazal of the Twin Comets

John Davis

  • Minor League Ball

Barbara Holder

  • The Treadmill

Laurence Snydal

  • Frost

Mark Aiello

  • Skipping Stones

Nick Conrad

  • Winter Solstice

Wally Swist

  • The Kingdom of Heaven

Patty Dickson Pieczka

  • Penelope

Corrine DeWinter

  • Wisdom, Fluttering

Catherine McCraw

  • Sinking into Middle Age

Natalia Zaretsky

  • Keeper of the Past

Maureen Tolman Flannery

  • Full Pockets

Jack Conway

  • Ham & Eggs

Anne Higgins

  • Me and My Shadow

Vera Schwarcz

  • Lily of Sharon

Thomas Robert Barnes

  • The Dam At Enfield

Mark Aiello

  • Two Black Boots

Noel Conneely

  • Uncles

Kay Meier

  • The Hotel Palmilla

Stephen Malin

  • Rowhouse January

Vera Schwarcz

  • In Answer

Steve Light

  • Longing
  • For My Father

Claudette Mork Sigg

  • Daily Exercise

Steve Light

  • Love Poem

Michael Minassian

  • Fragment of Angels

Jean Hallingstad

  • An Expenditure of Spirit

Maria Banus

  • Clothes

Larry Crist

  • Nextdoor

Ruben T. Abeyta

  • northern new mexico

Henri Rousseau

  • The Dream (1910)

Kay Meier

  • Song for My Father

James Doyle

  • The Annunciation

Michael Minassian

  • Winter at Sea Level

Jeanne Larsen

  • The Garden of Rhapsodies Dies

Parker Towle

  • One Spring Day