Volume 10 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2008

James Doyle

  • The Color-Blindness of the Monarch Butterfly

Stephen Malin

  • Whereafter

Jackie Bartley

  • Swan Dive

Dorothy Williams

  • Round in Seven Lines

Elizabeth Farrell

  • Field Trip

Becky D. Sakellariou

  • A Long Finish of Fruit

Elizabeth Farrell

  • Holly Tree

Alice Ahrens Williams

  • The Sadness of Trees

Becky D. Sakellariou

  • God Doesn’t Need a Boat

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • Ghost Riders

Korkut Onaran

  • In My Dream

Brian Daldorph

  • My Rescuers

Janet Henderson

  • Ducking Under

Lorence Gutterman

  • Bank Fishing for Bullheads

Stephen Malin

  • Night Fishing

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • Driving Fish

Lori Desrosiers

  • Lox and Cream Cheese

David Bushelle

  • Dandelion Loves

Donal Mahoney

  • Prior to Conception

Marlene Rosen Fine

  • Deaf Together

Robert Cooperman

  • Eddie the Gimp

Mary Ann Meade

  • The Old Woman

Stuart Bloodworth

  • By Dush She’s on Her Second Drink

V. jane Schneeloch

  • Autumn Reflections

Doug Ramspeck

  • In the Realm of Praising

Susan Bramble Murphy

  • Jigsaw

B.Z. Niditch

  • Hospital Stay

Simon Perchik

  • *

Stuart Bloodworth

  • Ascension Day

Susan Bramble Murphy

  • The Virgin of Guadalupe Pickup

Wendy Brown-Baez

  • Messages
  • Manuel Cautle

Sharon Doyle

  • In the Sun-room On Ash Wednesday

Frank Salvidio

  • Calculus

John McKernan

  • Rachel

Patty Dickson Pieczka

  • My Mother’s Hands

janet Krauss

  • Of Brothers and Sisters

J.R. Solonche

  • Carpenter

Jennie Bliss Meyer

  • Architect

Joanne Lowery

  • Goatman at Khyber Pass, 1840

Howard Faerstein

  • The Baby In The Boat

David Radavich

  • Holocaust

Ray Greenblatt

  • Post-War

Sharon Doyle

  • In Salzburg

Carol Tufts

  • aforeignaffair.com

V. jane Schneeloch

  • Art Appreciation

Brian Daldorph

  • Dostoyevsky

David Strong

  • Michigan Summer

John McKernan

  • Secret Gift

Meredith Hasemann

  • Dear Summer