Volume 12 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2010

Doug Bolling

  • Canvas, The Maker

Sheryl W. Woods

  • Two Seeds

Joyce Meyers

  • Creek
  • Flesh and Stone

Dorothy Mullen

  • Sleeptime

Ulys H. Yates

  • Elsewhere

Martha Christina

  • The ABCs of Disaster

Jeff Saperstein

  • Objects in Mirror

Barbara A. Lawrence

  • For the Sake of the Children

Vera Schwarcz

  • To Sound the Bell of Recollection

John Grey

  • Jungle

Rebecca Beardsall

  • Shirley’s Midnight Walk

Sharon Doyle

  • Christina’s World

Pat Hale

  • Trespassing

Stephanie Gray

  • Everyone Can’t be Saved

Charlotte Walsh

  • Coney Island

James Doyle

  • The Whales Go Out To Sea

Kathleen M. McCann

  • The Sea’s Rosary

Jean Tucker

  • Man Tying His Shoe

Karla Linn Merrifleld

  • Parting Word

Simon Perchik

  • *
  • *

Gary Hanna

  • War

Mary Mercier

  • Morning Light

Don Thackrey

  • Night School with Coyotes

Paul David Colgin

  • Once Cat

John Tustin

  • Dogs

Marion Kaplun Shipiro

  • Birdseye View

Mary Mercier

  • Bird Sister

Stephanie Gray

  • The Porch Dove

Gary Hanna

  • Heron

Jim Scutti

  • Great Blue Heron

Laura Rodley

  • Great Blue

Rebecca Beardsall

  • New World

James Doyle

  • Trading Post on the Santa Fe Trail

June Frankland Baker

  • Stone

Michael Estabrook

  • Forgiving Us Still

Marilyn E. Johnson

  • Unburdening

Ellen Roberts Young

  • It’s Green, They Say

Christine Graf

  • My Color Proverbs

Wally Swist

  • The Ascent

Arthur Winfield Knight

  • Sleep Comes Hard

H. Edgar Hix

  • Breaking Points

Sheryl L. Nelms

  • Oak Shinnery

Ronnie Hess

  • The Last Fruits of Summer Closing

Rachel Goldstein

  • On a Snowy Day My Sister Knits a Sweater

Becky D. Sakellariou

  • December 9 2009

Zara Raab

  • Take the Cake

D.N. Baldwin

  • Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam

Jean McCann

  • Athens Central Market, June 12, 9 a.m.

Ulys H. Yates

  • Miss Cummings

Kaye Bartholomew

  • We Didn’t Talk Much

Stephen Malin

  • Uncle Charlie

Kaye Bartholomew

  • The Neighbors

Curtis Perdue

  • To Those Who Live There Now

Joanne Lowery

  • Fallow

Diane Webster

  • Abandoned Cane

Joan McMillan

  • My Father at Seventy

Chris Abbate

  • The Feeling of Snow

Taj Jackson

  • Grandmother

J. Richard McLaughlin

  • My Grandfather

Patrice M. Wilson

  • Grandfather’s Handkerchief

Joyce Meyers

  • Nursing home

Jim Scutti

  • At the Abbott’s Frozen Custard Stand

J. Richard McLaughlin

  • The Sax Player

Tara Nicole

  • A Capppella

Rachel Goldstein

  • The Wings of Summer Close

Martha Christina

  • Scene In An Unnamed Film

Robert Wooten

  • An Employee Error

Dolores Lawler

  • Stroll Into The Painting

Gary Metras

  • Rising From a Fall

David James

  • The Need For Art