Volume 13 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2011

Chelsea B. Adams

  • Encounter

John Azrak

  • Before the Flood

Kaye Bartholomew

  • Circle
  • For Aleisha

Amy Marie Bell

  • Dusty Proof of Country Life

Anthony Botti

  • The Sick Bed

Trent Bosch

  • In the Other Room

Jennifer Campbell

  • Supply and Demand

Byron Case

  • The Three Disastrous Loves of B.

Martha Christina

  • Along the Cemetery Wall
  • Memorial Day. A Brief Rememberance

Robert Cooperman

  • As My Brother Held His Son

Ralph Colbert

  • Pep Talk

Edward A. Daugherty

  • A Backyard Passage
  • Glass


  • Green

Carol L Gloor

  • Corn

Paul Hostovsky

  • Salamanders

Susan Johnson

  • Bikes Without Breaks
  • No Final Bend

Dustin Junkert

  • Friend

Raphael Kosek

  • Visitation

Dudley Laufman

  • Ice Storm

Anne Lauinger

  • The Lodger
  • Procrastination Could Save Your Life

Lori Levi

  • Ninety

Rebecca Lilly

  • Clouds

Tony Magistrale

  • That Summer

Joshua McKinney

  • Portray of her Late Husband
  • Highrise

Ken McManus

  • Intervention

Mary Ann Meade

  • Field of the Soul

Richard Merelman

  • Lizaveta Petrovna

Joyce Meyers

  • American Thanksgiving

Amanda Minoff

  • The Opening

Amy Nash

  • She Khrishna

James B. Nicola

  • Magnitude

B.Z. Niditch

  • Boston Twilight
  • Voices

Christopher Nye

  • Train Ride Through Tuscany

Ellen Pathway

  • Praying with Ida

Beth Paulson

  • Smoke of a Thousand Factories

Simon Perchik

  • *
  • *

Susan Richardson

  • Eulogy for a Father
  • Kiwi

Marjorie Roemer

  • Not frankincense, no myrrh

Jay Rubin

  • Crossing California

T. J. Sandella

  • Residue

Susan Shultz

  • Three Days from the Lyn Hejinian Series

Roger B. Smith

  • wood

Steve Straight

  • Universe in B Flat

Tim Suermondt

  • A Reason

Wally Swist

  • The Bernard Malamute
  • Luck, Stock and Magic Barrel

Cammy Thomas

  • Balm

James Valvis

  • Plasma Seller

Michael Waltz

  • Glory Bound

David Yockel Jr.

  • Feathers of Instinct

Ellen Roberts Young

  • Framework

Neal Zirn

  • Magic Act

Annie Dawid

  • Teeth