Volume 14 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2012

June Frankland Baker

  • Around the start of WWII

Doug Bolling

  • Awash in it

Michael Casey

  • the distance to one’s wits’ end

Alan Cohen

  • My Lover Is Full of Miracles

Mike Crips

  • Song for Walt Whitman

Larry Crist

  • Poets

Ralph Culver

  • So Be It, To March

Mark DeCarteret

  • Talk Show:Louisa May Alcott

Gail DiMaggio

  • Monday Night in the Nursing Home

J.K Durik

  • War Story

Bill Glose

  • The Dead Aren’t Allowed to Walk

Joal Hetherington

  • the dove’s divorce

Pamela Laskin

  • Aladdin

D. Lifland

  • Providence

Nylah Lyman

  • The Negotiator

Sandra Marshburn

  • January Walk

Susan Maurer

  • Seed Bed

Janet McCann

  • What to Do with the Remains

Mary Ann Meade

  • Fat New Eraser, 1945

Susan Miller

  • Last-Minute Decisions

Perry Nicholas

  • Winter Boys

B.Z. Niditch

  • Tell Us

Korkut Onaran

  • Of Being in the Present

Richard Parisio

  • Eastern Morning

Warren Slesinger

  • Never Simple or Still

Steven Ray Smith

  • Economics

Dana Stamp II

  • Not Flag Worthy

Chrys Tobey

  • All I Know of Love, Digging a Hole

Parker Towle

  • The Dervishes

Edwina Trentham

  • At Twenty

Jean Tucker

  • Nothing in Here Is Real

Gabriel Welsch

  • Red in Tooth and Claw

Daniel Williams

  • Eclipse House

Yvonne Zipter

  • The Man Drinking Coffee alongside Kirchoff Road, Kissing the Long Face of a Greyhound

Chris Zuver

  • Early ’90s Haircut

Judith Hertog [Non-fiction Spotlight]

  • Baggage