Volume 15 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2013

Jeffrey Alfier

  • East Village Winter

Peggy Aylsworth

  • Telling It, More or Less

Kaye Bartholomew

  • Rotary Telephones

Noah Bennet

  • Silence

Barry Benson

  • Villa Nelle Cemetery Plot Homonyms: A Magazine Found in Every Rifle

Stan Lee Brooks

  • Canary

Michael Casey

  • phone pause

Martha Christina

  • Room B

Elsa Colligan

  • Old Wars

Robert Cooperman

  • After the Fight

Phillip Dacey

  • Seamus Heaney: Cento Sonnet


  • The Lake Holds Its Breath

Susan Florence

  • Where Bach Takes Me: Concerto #5

John Grey

  • To a Stranger Who Stops to Speak to Me
  • Repair

Melissa Hazelwood

  • The People Next Door

Kathleen Hellen

  • Friable

Marilyn Johnston

  • Backwards Way Forward
  • Carrier

John P. Kristofco

  • Too Many Words

Charlene Langfur

  • Early Morning Rise

Ann Lauinger

  • Interrogatories
  • Metaphysician, Mopping
  • The Theater Is Glass

Peter Ludwin

  • Awakening

Sarah Hulyk Maxwell

  • When the struggles are simpler tasks

Sjohnna McCray

  • Agnostic Front
  • Asylum
  • Something Wicked

Mary Ann Meade

  • At Fourth and Main

Elvina Rose Meyer

  • Third Grade Engagement

Joyce Meyers

  • Night Vision

John N. Miller

  • Craving the Evil Weed

Bruce Parker

  • Shift Colors

Stephen Reilly

  • In Light Blues
  • On the Day of His Memorial

Robin Shectman Richstone

  • The Cat at Christmas
  • How Winter Turns Out
  • Keeping Track

Stephen R. Roberts

  • Isle of Thumbs

Shae Savoy

  • An Origin
  • Ode to Citrus

Carla Schwartz

  • Show Me the Tissues

Claudette Mork Sigg

  • Midnight Rising

Warren Slesinger

  • Pines
  • Wren

Ruth Smullin

  • Meteor Shower: November

John Solensten

  • They Kept a Cold House

Matthew J. Spireng

  • Gannet with Lure

Coleman Stevenson

  • Breakfast, No. 95

Arlene Stone

  • Punishment Without a Crime

Martha Strom

  • Iron River Blues

Aden Thomas

  • Our Dismal Science

Rodney Torreson

  • Two Sisters

Dennis Trudell

  • Five Words

Lillo Way

  • Celestial Fantasy for Dr. Alzheimer
  • New Poem, I Love You

Daniel Williams

  • Dreams with Bears

John Sibley Williams

  • Casual Rust

Marilyn Marquez [Non-Fiction Spotlight]

  • Dr. V