Volume 16 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2014

William Barnhart

  • To the Third Letter
  • The Poppies

Kaye Bartholomew

  • Life Everlasting

Sylvia Beaupre

  • Galaxies
  • Mathematics

Guy Beining

  • felt tongue 479

Gabriella Belfiglio

  • The Courage to Die Continually

Henri Bensussen

  • Summer Nights

Remica L. Bingham-Risher

  • Young, small, and growing, often violently

Susan Boehm

  • My Brother

Jennifer Bradpiece

  • The Archivists

Sean Brendan-Brown

  • Winter Monody
  • No Stopping Any Time

John Brugaletta

  • Mountaineering by Candlelight

June Calender

  • Sun Flares
  • The Insomniac and the Man in the Moon

Maura Cavell

  • Left Out in the Cold Too Long

Robert Cooperman

  • The Rabbi’s Son
  • All of Us Laughing

Jim Davis

  • Cesium
  • Miasma Theory
  • Wednesday Workshop

Kenneth DiMaggio

  • Poem from A Haunted New England Landscape (Museum)

Deborah H. Doolittle

  • Passages of the Moon
  • Like Bonnie and Clyde

George Drew

  • Cutting across the Salem Common
  • A Certain Beatific Light

Sarah Feldman

  • Zeroes and Ones

Clifford Paul Fetter

  • Nureyev Free 1961

Brett Foster

  • Approaching York: Cancer Celebrity Prediction

Bill Glose

  • City of Birth and Death

Grace Marie Grafton

  • Ladder (8)

Brenda Graham

  • The Hunter
  • A Nest of Stars
  • At a Dark Sky Party

Juliana Gray

  • The Astronomer’s Widow

Ruth D. Handel

  • Physics Test

Mary Barbara Hess

  • Lucretia

Paul Hostovsky

  • Fledgling
  • Song

Marilyn E. Johnston

  • Venus, Setting

Eveline Kanes

  • Freud’s Sofa

Diane Kendig

  • To Anne Sexton, His Mistress,on His Return
  • Lost in the Night Sky

Tyler Kline

  • Winter in Newark

John P. Kristofco

  • Forbearance

Joel Kuper

  • Angina

Daniel Langton

  • Haunt
  • A Burnt Offering

Lyn Lifshin

  • May 28, the Day We Always Thought Was My Mother’s Birthday
  • She Became “Catechetic”

Roberta Marggraff

  • Listening to Bob Dylan in the Rain

Fran Markover

  • Inner Space
  • Enhanced Stars

Fred Muratori

  • Smile
  • May
  • Receiving

P. A. Patton

  • The Final Frontier

Mary Bass Poulin

  • How Poetry Moves I

Christine Anne Pratt

  • A Wandering Star, Now Fixed

Donna Pucciani

  • With You

Zara Raab

  • Hang Gliders

Kay Retzlaff

  • How to Make a Black Hole
  • Ratiocination

Andy Roberts

  • Survivors
  • The Green World

Weldon Sandusky

  • The Hollywood Bowl

Rikki Santer

  • Star Virus

Marian Kaplun Shapiro

  • Attraction

d.n. simmers

  • Life Breaking
  • Lightning

Warren Slesinger

  • A Man at Fifty

Laurence Snydal

  • The Fall of Icarus after Pieter Breuge

Anique Taylor

  • The Fragmented Path

Colette Tennant

  • Reading with a Poet Who Was Also Given Up for Adoption

Teisha Dawn Twomey

  • Ninety-Eight Percent of the Universe Is Invisible
  • The Tyrant
  • Self-Portrait at Age Seventy-Nine

Susan Waters

  • Earthlight

Daniel Williams

  • Johnny B. Goode

Wendy Patrice Williams

  • Women of Starlight

Robert Wooten

  • Comedy

Ellen Roberts Young

  • In the Cosmic Dump