Volume 17 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2015

Drew Attana

  • The Content is Irrelevant
  • Cheap Cigarettes

Gay Baines

  • Cold July
  • Lady with the Lamp

Stephanie Ann Baird

  • Observations Between 41 and 43

Jo Ann Baldinger

  • Grand Opera

Anthony Botti

  • Lot’s Confession

Bri Bruce

  • Salt

Laton Carter

  • They Were Both So Young and So Beautiful

Dorothy Chan

  • Paris, Hong Kong: A City Overlooking the 18th Century

Meridith Davies Hadaway

  • Karesansui (dry landscape)
  • My Mother’s Birds
  • Kennedy Drive

Alfred Encarnacion

  • Jersey Reds

Mike Faran

  • The Man in the Moon

J.A. Field

  • Old Black Crow

Elaine Frankonis

  • Her Grandmother’s Shoes

Jack Freeman

  • Koto Song
  • Window to an Island Being Washed Away

Carol Frith

  • Double Cone
  • Sphinx Moth

Marvin Glasser

  • Coins

Lori Gravely

  • Wind from the Sea

John Grey

  • The Chicken or the Egg

Margaux Griffith

  • Apple Cider

Alan Harawitz

  • Streets on Fire

Jack Hart

  • The Dogs of Carman’s Mill
  • At the Pond

Ivan Hobson

  • The First Hammer

Katharyn Howd Machan

  • Where I Won’t Go in February

Jean Howe

  • Irish Coffee

Lowell Jaeger

  • The Young Father
  • Most Valuable Possession

Becky Kennedy

  • Brimful

John P. Kristofco

  • Fly

Sara E. Lamers

  • Such Distance

Martin H. Levinson

  • The Penitent Sea

James Mahon

  • Ode to

Ryan Mattern

  • The Whales of Everest
  • The Vicar’s Work

Susan H. Maurer

  • Richard the Third

Mark Mazzoli

  • Gospel

Carla Ann McGill

  • Ezekiel Everill
  • The Pilgrim at the Ocean

Steve Meador

  • Front Range
  • Senseless
  • Merci, Boudreau

James Mele

  • The Stud Barn

Sonnet Mondal

  • My Chained Faith
  • April and My Plastic Sunflowers

Vito Monti

  • Drummer’s Choice

John O’Dell

  • The Other Brother
  • Perfect Practice

Triin Paja

  • Sea Burial
  • Falling in Love with a Ghost Ship
  • Water Soluble

Alita Pirkopf

  • Katy
  • Traveling Through

Marilee Richards

  • The Girl in the Cage

Stephen R. Roberts

  • Parking Lot Memories
  • Catalpa

Carson Sawyer

  • Here You Go As I Have Gone

James Scruton

  • Herb Garden
  • Evening

Teresa Sutton

  • Recapturing Eden

James Valvis

  • My Sister Asks If I Still Waste Time Writing Poetry
  • Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body

Will Walker

  • And Yet Good News

Jane O. Wayne

  • Not Much to Go on
  • The Slow Portrait

Diane Webster

  • Smelling Scented Candles
  • Not Too Far

Allen C. West

  • Earth Shrugs

Neal Whitman

  • In Need of Repair: in response to ‘Hunchback in the Park’

Scott Wordsman

  • You are not alone

Paula Anne Yup

  • The Man at the Takeout at Lanwi’s Curve
  • As If


Elena Botts

  • Xenophobia

Anthony J. Mohr

  • The Candied Children

Deborah Trowbridge

  • Connection

Featured Poem

James Croal Jackson

  • Caesura