Volume 18 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2016

Aminah Abutayeb

  • Retreat to Tunnel

Purshia Adams

  • Advent

Anna Bernstein

  • And So Above

Joel Best

  • Andante

Bonnie Bishop

  • Crescent Park at the Mandeville Crossing
  • “The BBC Detectives

Larsen Bowker

  • Lake Lugano

Paula Brancato

  • Battery Park

Francesca Brenner

  • September in Massachusetts (First Season Without Her)

Robert Brickhouse

  • Cowpasture River, Late September

Mark Burke

  • Cutting It Clean

Linda Casebeer

  • The Horses of Delacroix

Ha Kiet Chau

  • Hanoi, Circa 1842

Robert Cooperman

  • The Pastor and the Waiter
  • The Waiter and the Pastor

Barbara Crooker

  • Whooper Swans
  • Magpies

Meghan Depeau

  • The Mole

Joanne Esser

  • Portrait of a January Morning in Black and White

Jean Esteve

  • Dunes

Griff Foxley

  • Duck Low

Gabriel Furshong

  • Blood

Arthur Ginsberg

  • Terror at Gate 69A

Laura Glenn

  • Ice Creek

Liz Glodek

  • Ice Storm

Judith Grissmer

  • A Death in Wintertime

Patricia L. Hamilton

  • Heavy Breathing

Justin Hamm

  • Arthur and Marie, 1961

Will Harris

  • Jazz in Islamabad

Alison Hicks

  • My Mother in Fall

Marianna Hofer

  • Galatea Road, Late October

Ann Howells

  • Earth spins–
  • Pap Abandons the Church

Alex Andrew Hughes

  • When the Magic Runs Out

Dan Jacoby

  • fall serenade

Emory Jones

  • Delta General
  • My Muse Sings Only Country

Peycho Kanev

  • Trip to Auschwitz

John P. Kristofco

  • Bird Song
  • Refugee

Richard Krohn

  • Before All Saints

Rodger LeGrand

  • New England Winter

Miles Liss

  • W.

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

  • Ghazal of the Boy in My Dream

Paula Marafino Bernett

  • Faux Amis

Betsy Martin

  • Homeland Security

Kevin McCarthy

  • Our Boy

James McKee

  • Long Island City Aubade

M.K. Meder

  • Genius Loci
  • Siege

Richard Merelm

  • At the End
  • Christmas Eve, 2014: Berkeley, California

Joyce Meyers

  • Bones

David Mihalyov

  • Swollen Skies

Felicia Mitchell

  • A Day in the Life

Daniel Edward Moore

  • The Seamstress and the Tailor

Michael S. Morris

  • America, the Beauty Full

Wale Owoade

  • Haunted

Donna Pucciani

  • Morning at the Shelter
  • Pentecost


  • The Valentine Gift

John Repp

  • Names

Ann Robinson

  • Grief

Biman Roy

  • Relief at Last

C.C. Russell

  • …- – -…

Peter Schmitt

  • To His Coil Mattress

Faith Shearin

  • White
  • Sirens
  • Adam and Eve’s Skeletons Found in Colorado

Eva-Maria Sher

  • Refugees in the Old Villa

Joan I. Siegel

  • At the Cemetery: Searching for Our Father

David Simpson

  • Paint by Numbers
  • Elegy for Polar Bears

Hal Sirowitz

  • The Fourth Bullet

Matthew J. Spireng

  • Waiting Room, Cardiac Catheterization Unit, Vassar Brothers Medical Center

David Starkey

  • The Flight into Egypt
  • Supper in the House of Simon

Linda Swanberg

  • White Nights and Deer

Marc Tretin

  • On My Seeing the Oldest Girlin The Bellilli Family by Degas

Tara Isabel Zambrano

  • empty bowls and plates

Creative Nonfiction

Ty Vossler

  • Killing Fears

Fred Melton

  • Long Enough

Jessica Schnur

  • Mending