Volume 19 Issue 2

Fall/Winter 2017

Sally Albiso

  • In the Mouth of the Released
  • Wildfire

Buzz Alexander

  • I am

Jeffrey Alfier

  • Climber’s Log for Fissure Peak, Mule Pass Mountains

Tobi Alfier

  • Three-Layer Redemption and Lemon Cake

Diana Anhalt

  • Manicure

Peggy Aylsworth

  • Diverse Excursions

Judy Bertelsen

  • Aqua Vitae

Scott Blackwell

  • It’s Nice

Anthony Botti

  • Gin Rummy
  • Lesson in Bird Watching

Hannah Carr-Murphy

  • Fourth Grade: Images of Greatness

Rick Christman

  • Boats on the Water

Joanne Clarkson

  • Jailow

Stephanie Kaplan Cohen

  • A Proper Lady
  • We All Got Tickets to the Truth

Brendan Cooney

  • Dreading Humans and Their Machines, I Jump into a Ditch at the Approach of a Car, Keeping Upright My Bowl of Pasta

Barbara Daniels

  • Old Route 70

Holly Day

  • Fourth of July

Matthew Duffus

  • Poem in Which a Red Hot Chili Peppers Song Leads Me to Contemplate Life
  • Bad Behavior

James Fowler

  • Chronicle

Bill Freedman

  • Drinking the Sea
  • Doing the Mile

Carol Frith

  • The Last Form
  • I channel pelargoniums,

Bill Garten

  • After Dinner

Michael Goldman

  • Water

Samina Hadi-Tabassum

  • Jovan Musk Oil

Michael Hardcastle

  • There Are No Foxes in Atheist Holes

Benjamin Harnett

  • Shipwrecks

Elise Hempel

  • Almost 84

Elizabeth Carothers Herron

  • North Dakota, 1934

Lynn Hoggard

  • Mother Nature’s Nature

Maisie Houghton

  • Love poem

Joshua Huber

  • Catch

A.J. Huffman

  • Emperor of Stone

Jacqueline Jules

  • In the Jamaican Forest

Kristin LaFollette

  • Freshwater
  • Outgrown

Charlene Langfur

  • It’s All About Comfort in the End

Gary Lark

  • Second Week of School

Carl Mayfield

  • Thinking of a Dead Friend

Jenny McBride

  • Birch Pancakes

Mary McKeel

  • Hindsight

Keith Moul

  • What Spirit Tells Me

Martina Reisz Newberry

  • Man//Drum

Korkut Onaran

  • Of Water
  • Of the Bomb that Killed the Most Since the Start of the Occupation

Beth Paulson

  • Snow Work

Kathleen M. Quinlan

  • Mon Amour
  • Sense-making

Elizabeth Rees

  • Believe Me,

Bria Rivet

  • Late Night, Weighted

Peter Sagnella

  • A Pumpkin

Michael Salcman

  • Getting Older

James Scruton

  • Adult Swim
  • For My Daughter in Law School

Jan Shoemaker

  • Mystery

Martha Strom

  • Staying Out of the Hospital

Heather Sullivan

  • Richard
  • Claim Me

Lisa Sullivan

  • 350s
  • Aubade

Charles Swanson

  • Oakes Memorial & Signs—Monument Makers
  • I measure sanity

J. Tarwood

  • Some Time Ago

Psyche North Torok

  • The Shrew Gone Feral

Sharon Tracey

  • Clothesline: Idomeni Camp in Greece

Robert Tremmel

  • Pastoral
  • Remembering Him

Mitchell Untch

  • Jerry

Blake Ward

  • Saint Mary the Flower

Allison Whittenberg

  • Last Act

Helen Wickes

  • Homage to My Elegant Old Pal, Again

Paul Yager

  • I, Living Close to the Edge
  • Life as Movie

Andrena Zawinski

  • Impenitent


Leslie Lindsay

  • Pretentious Backside: A Story of an Abandoned House

Karen Weyant

  • The Dissection