Volume 20 issue 2

Fall/Winter 2018

Jane Attanucci

  • It Wasn’t a Dream

Keith Aubrey

  • Halves

Les Bares

  • Chicken Dance
  • Old Men at McDonald’s

Alan Basting

  • Ashes at the Baldwin Airport
  • Mobridge

Mark Belair

  • practice pad
  • The Stranger

Toni Bennett

  • End of My Pole

Dick Bentley

  • Health Care

Lavina Blossom

  • Ghost Sheep
  • From the Near Dark

Doug Bolling

  • Passages

Joseph Buehler

  • Townhouses

Daniel Campion

  • Fom al-Haut
  • Wavelength

Fran Castan

  • Sunset Elegy

Susan Cavanaugh

  • All We’d Have
  • Fish Out of Water

Chet Corey

  • The Field

Daniel David

  • Flirted With Nurses
  • Keys

Ryan Davidson

  • Thin Lips, Because They’re Underused

Mark DeCarteret

  • Sea Scene

Adam Durso

  • First Wednesday

Michael Estabrook

  • Sylvia

Lana I. Ghannam

  • When They Found Mohammed Abu Khieder

Daniel Gleason

  • For Christopher

Jeff Graham

  • Moth 3

Eric Greenwell

  • Orchardists

Elliot Greiner

  • On Seeing a Neanderthal in the Natural History Museum

Eric Hyett

  • A Case of Autumn

Chris Innes

  • Skin by Schiele

Lowell Jaeger

  • Digging Deep

William Joel

  • Sonnet encounter

Casey Killingsworth

  • One morning Goodtime Steve sold me drugs in a high school hallway. Sorry, Mom
  • Grief

Joan Payne Kincaid

  • After the Holidays

Roselyn Kubek

  • Sundowning

Rosa Lane

  • Anatomy of an Ox-Eye

Charlene Langfur

  • A Day In 2018

Scott Lowery

  • More than Ready
  • Gruidae

Lisa Ludden

  • This

Katharyn Howd Machan

  • Dream: Storm, 2017

Mary Makofske

  • Trains of Thought

Libby Maxey

  • Getting to know our backyard birds
  • Because We Had to Use the Study for a Nursery

Rachel McGuinness

  • The Words in My Hands

Laurie Morrissey

  • The Tick

Julie Murphy

  • Primordial

KG Newman

  • Shark Tunnel

Jimmie Pennington

  • Within:night
  • Within

Janice Miller Potter

  • A Vase on the Moon

Liz Rees

  • Snatched in the Nautilus Room

Paul Reyns

  • Ground Rules
  • Dead-End Florida Nights

Margaret Rogal

  • Schoolbus on a Mountain Road

Carla Schwartz

  • Anger Drops

Barry Silesky

  • The Woman I Always Dreamed

Joshua Michael Stewart

  • Long Distant Lovin’ Blues

Henry Stimpson

  • Sweetheart Restaurant Blues

Jill M. Talbot

  • If You Lived Here

J. Tarwood

  • Quest Motif in Uplistsikhe

Ken Tomaro

  • All of My Life

Vivian Wagner

  • Concussion Protocol: A Glosa

John Sibley Williams

  • The Least Least Thing

Catherine Young

  • Superior
  • Waters Silvered

Ellen Roberts Young

  • Rock

Creative Nonfiction

Karol Nielsen

  • Raising the Price of the House

Jesse Sensibar

  • Still Your Mother’s House