Volume 3 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2001

Susan Hogan

  • My Daughter’s Story

Sherman Pearl

  • What I Came For

Gary Hanna

  • Tradition
  • Cafe Luna

Sherman Pearl

  • The Moon and Venus

Ron Hughes

  • Night Fishing

Xenia Argon

  • The Bridge at Duck Creek

Claire Ortalda

  • Reverie in Chlorine

Laverne Frith

  • Imagine Blue Ice

Anne E. Mullin

  • Great Blue

Sarah Kennedy

  • Driving Lessons

Jeremy Ward

  • reflections while hunting deer on a snowy afternoon

Joyce Nower

  • The Elgin Marbles

Alison Meyers

  • Red Angel’s Orphan

Peter Swanson

  • Romance Begun in Winter

Barry Ballard

  • Lake Superior

Alyssa A. Lappen

  • Ignorance

Frank Salvidio

  • Homecoming

Janet Baker

  • Van Gogh

James Finnegan

  • Stump Dump

John Azrak

  • Report

Louis Phillips

  • Holding My Audience

Mary Jerzak

  • The Other Vagabond Sweetness

Sally Croft

  • Georgia O’Keeffe’s

Russell Libby

  • An Older Place

Stephanie Dickinson

  • Truck

Sheryl L. Nelms

  • Lilac Bouquets

Alexander Taylor

  • Overheard Among the Guerillas: 1

Denise Abercrombie

  • Hoe Cake

Joan Ellen Ketrys

  • Round as Vowels

Vera Schwarcz

  • The Grave of the Last Gentleman

Ren La Rosa

  • How to Speak a Little About Drowning