Volume 4 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2002

Cheryl Soback

  • The New World

Jeannette Barnes

  • What I Will Give You

Pam Wynn

  • Seizure, Petit Mal

Laura Rogerson Moore

  • New Hampshire Afternoon

Timothy Russell

  • Elephant

Jennifer Vanderhoof

  • The Mind’s Chamber

Don Shockey

  • The Silence That is Known

Anne E. Mullin

  • Fish Notes

Judith Hemschemeyer

  • The Face of War

Frank Salvidio

  • Then and Now

Jeannette Barnes

  • The Terminal

Gianmarco Manzione

  • Memory with Two Exits

Jim Brennan

  • Mary’s Kitchen

Bill Clark

  • Beyond the Door

Sandra Kohler

  • Easter

Joseph Tikhon Murray

  • Paul’s Last Walk

Stephanie Fielding

  • In My Father’s Kitchen

Anne E. Mullin

  • Visiting the Seven Churches on Holy Thursday

Victor Camillo

  • Busquihar

Joan Ellen Ketrys

  • Turkish Delight

Deanne Bayer

  • To a Poet I Shall Not Name

Alexander Taylor

  • Farewell To My Body

Betty L.M. Greenberg

  • Courage

Claire Roof

  • There is Nothing

Alice Brooks-Smith

  • He Treats Me

Lyn Lifshin

  • Barbie’s 35

Mary Ann Meade

  • Thirst
  • Drifting

Pat Cason

  • Burning

Lou Suarez

  • Across the Alley

Dennis Saleh

  • Cocoon

Linda Bosson

  • Picnicking with the Past

Parker Towle

  • Green Mountain Solo