Volume 5 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2003

Jeremy Edward Shiok

  • Rhubarb

Lou Suarez

  • Epistemological

Allison Joseph

  • Do As I Say

Lou Suarez

  • We Were Talking About Forgiveness

Alexander Taylor

  • 1 A.M. Phone Call

Karen Kowalski Singer

  • Walking the Tracks
  • The Zen of Falling

Ethan Forrest

  • Sunshine in Harlem

Jim Brennan

  • Comhaltas

Jackie Bartley

  • At the End of Winter

Hugh Ogden

  • Winter Feast Day

Deanne Bayer

  • A Picture of William Stafford
  • Doppelganger

Pete Siena

  • Eulogy
  • Journey

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • From A Harbor Pier
  • On Seeing Edward Hopper’s Painting, “High Road”

Richard Luftig

  • Still Life

Sarah Rodgers

  • Insomnia

Odilia Rivera

  • Insomnias

Geri Rosenzweig

  • The Dead Leave Their Phone
  • Cheekbone of the Angel

Renee Carter Hall

  • Crab

Anita Pinatti

  • Secret Recipe

Dennis Saleh

  • Near Dark

Lawrence F. O’Brien

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • The Rosary on Television

Bill Clark

  • Unearthed
  • Woman on Church Steps after the Wedding

Alice Ahrens Williams

  • Going to Hadley
  • What I Will Take From You

Judi Rowena

  • Myths and Legends
  • In Past-Life Dreams