Volume 10 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2008

Bill Clark

  • A walk in the woods

Frank Salvidio

  • Shadowland

Julia Meylor Simpson

  • Chasing Cather

David Salner

  • Florsheims in A Flea Market On All Saints Ave

Julia Meylor Simpson

  • The Student Reads a Poem by Auden

Lucille G. Shulklapper

  • One

Shannon Cullen

  • Glassworks Sonney

M.S. Rooney

  • Winds of Skara Brae, Orkney

Vivienne Woodhead

  • Home Thoughts from the Keys

Frank Salvidio

  • “In My Mind’s Eye”

M.S. Rooney

  • These Small Shorings–

Shannon Pearl

  • On The Way Down

Becky D. Sakellariou

  • The Avocado

Paul B. Roth

  • Dreaming of Eating with Cezanne

Marion Kaplun Shipiro

  • Editing It Down

Atoosa S. Grey

  • The Irises

David Salner

  • The Howling Disease

Eileen Malone

  • Let Her Have Him Back

Carol Kanter

  • The Need to Know
  • At the Readng of Her Will

Allison Joseph

  • “Widow’s Weeds”

Julia Paul

  • Little Round Top, gettysburg, 2007

Sherman Pearl

  • The Lethal G ame of Dodge Ball

Julia Paul

  • Geophagy

Russell Rowland

  • My ADHD God-Child

Lyn Lifshin

  • Some Afternoons When Nobody Was Fighting

Estrella del Valle

  • Inopia
  • Misery

Mil Norman-Risch

  • The House, The Marriage: How We Knew

James Doyle

  • Alaska, Summer

Corrine DeWinter

  • Solstice

Sheryl Woods

  • Falling Stars