Volume 12 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2010

Dorothy Hopkins Schnare

  • Berthe Morisot and her Circle in Cincinnati

Xenia Argon

  • Regarding Anne Bradstreet’s Loom

Neal Whitman

  • Opening the Window

Marita Garin

  • Hand Sculpture

Laverne Frith

  • Hands
  • From Congo’s Chaos

Neal Whitman

  • Context is All

Lauren M. DiSessa

  • The Cradle

Shavanya Naik

  • Birthing Athena

Nancy Culp

  • Coiled

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • In Preparation

Russell Rowland

  • Flood Warning

Kathleen Grimaldi

  • Wheels and Times

Sharon Doyle

  • Farmer’s Market, 1949

Phoebe Bell Hoing

  • Cross Purposes

Elizabeth Farrell

  • Geraniums Left Behind

Sharon Foley

  • My Father’s Den

Lucille G. Shulklapper

  • Upholstered in Raspberry Wool

J. Lorraine Brown

  • Marking the Site of a Toppled Cold War Tower

Lisa Drnec Kerr

  • Shipwright

James Doyle

  • Dead See

Sherman Pearl

  • Living on Light

Mria Sassi

  • Even in Dreams Loss

Carol Frith

  • Coleridge

Janet Henderson

  • Absence

Anthony Botti

  • Notebook

Mary Ann Meade

  • The Telling

Melissa Grossman

  • This Girl

Katharyn Howd Machan

  • Thirty Years Ago

Alyssa Mazzarella

  • Prepositions
  • Uncontrollable Things

Mark D. Hart

  • Wild Turkeys

Don Thackrey

  • Hunters

Alice Ahrens Williams

  • Beating Hearts

Frank Salvidio

  • Election Year
  • Marathon

Katharyn Howd Machan

  • Strange Adventures

Judith Ann Levison

  • Prize

Lauren M. DiSessa

  • Fall in Desolation Canyon

Lawrence F. O’Brien

  • Torrid Zone

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • Falling Asleep While Reading

David Dragone

  • Beacon