Volume 13 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2011

Lois Adams

  • No More Equivocation

Robert Cooperman

  • Pigeon in the Bank Parking Lot

Laura Rodley

  • Birds of Prey

Alice Williams

  • The Cutting Room

Janet Henderson

  • Daffodils

Jonathan Harrington

  • Jerusalem

Jeff Sapertein

  • The Minimalist

Larry O’Brien

  • His Middle Name

Neal Whitman

  • Simple to Harvest, Hard to Find

Russell Rowland

  • Ripening

Arthur Winfield Knight

  • Almonds

Ronberta Marrgraff

  • The Edge of the Map

David Dragone

  • Half Luddite2

Eve Forti

  • If I were a Spoon

Diana Cole

  • A Charm: Putting an Egg to Rest

Sandra Larkin

  • And the screen goes dark

David Dragone

  • Archer

Diana Cole

  • The Ballad of Molly Bish

Alexis Ivy

  • The Second Cup Cafe

Lucille Gang Shulklapper

  • Mama New York

Frederick Zydek

  • A Love of Gizzards and Wings

Lyn Lifshin

  • 38 Main Street

Charles Butterfield

  • Lighting the Work

Kate Robinson

  • Silver Reasonably Priced Wine Opener

Frederick Zydek

  • Mottos Pinned To the Wall

Carol Frith

  • Valley Afternoon

Kaye Bartholomew

  • Sunday Visits

Carol Carpenter

  • Collector of Petty Grievances

Kaye Bartholomew

  • Grandfather

Patricia L. Hamilton

  • Surprise

Carol Carpenter

  • Loaves of Bread

Eve Forti

  • Dante On Plath

Robert Cooperman

  • Gaelic

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • Believing in When

Nelms Creekmur

  • Allen Shiflett

Wally Swist

  • Chinese Paper Lanterns

Marian Kaplun Shapiro

  • My Living Will

Jean Esteve

  • Return

Nelms Creekmur

  • Rubin Woods

Frank Salvidio

  • Centenarian

Marilyn E. Johnston

  • Art Dream

Deborah H. Doolittle

  • The Red Rocking Chair

Marilyn E. Johnston

  • Shunted onto the Ravaging Sublime

Janet McCann

  • At the Catholic Conference

Joyce Meyers

  • Birthright

Sandra Larkin

  • Indian Head

Joseph Raffa

  • Healing Song

Laverne Frith

  • Magnolia Leaves

Sharon Doyle

  • Winter Solstice, Boston Common 1886

Frank Salvidio

  • Heresy

Patty Dickson Pieczka

  • Ghost Ranch

Bill Clark

  • D-Day, June 6, 1944

Anne Johnson Mullin

  • Cruising