Volume 14 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2012

Keith Alexander

  • Zeitgeber

Benjamin Balthaser

  • The Tenant
  • DJ

Donna Barkman

  • The World Is Hidden Within You

Kristen Bock

  • Dear Anchoress

Larsen Bowker

  • Cooney’s Garden

Joseph Buehler

  • Chesnut

Mark Burke

  • I Wish I Had Asked

Stephen Campiglio

  • Old Philadelphia

Mary Crow

  • Pure White

Phillip Dacey

  • Triolet for the Hiroshima Photo Exhibit

Holly Day

  • Functional

Anthony DeGregorio

  • Another Window View

Darren Dermaree

  • Or Refuge

Ken DiMaggio

  • In the Kitchen (3)

Sharon Doyle

  • Elsewhere, in Another Language

Lisa Ericson

  • This Island

Michael Estabrook

  • my Grandfather haunts me

David Allan Evans

  • Watching Bull Riders

Michael A. Flanagan

  • Rain

Jessica Furtado

  • Lust in Lab B

Daniel Gallick

  • Middle Class Poetic Lives

Ronald Gower

  • Trout Dreams

John Grey

  • The Big Question Plus Bass Clarinet

Patricia L. Hamilton

  • Witness

George Held

  • Apple and Moon

Peycho Kanev

  • About the Crisis

Sandra Kolankiewicz

  • A Poet in the Room

Lyn Lifshin

  • Bernice Abbott

Nancy Carol Moody

  • The Phantom Arm
  • Therapy

Constance Norgren

  • Desk Under the Stairs

Michael D. Riley

  • You Could Look (It) Up

Susan Shafarzek

  • Groundhog Day

Karen Skolfield

  • Give You Green
  • Hala Kahiki

Marc Swan

  • And we think we understand

Wally Swist

  • Aubade

Lillo Way

  • The Loonies

Alex Yuschik

  • The Sweetheart

James Zimmerman

  • Chemotherapy

Poetry Contest

Carol Frith [1st Place]

  • Star Jasmine

Mark Wagenaar [2nd Place]

  • A Brief History of Desire (Homage to Celan)

W. F. Lantry [3rd Place]

  • Sorceress

Donna Barkman [Honorable Mention]

  • Cooking Lesson

Barbara Ford [Honorable Mention]

  • Found. Lost

Carol Frith [Honorable Mention]

  • A City in the Heat

Edward Minus [Honorable Mention]

  • House Calls

Beth Paulson [Honorable Mention]

  • Collage

Barrett Warner [Honorable Mention]

  • Midnight Sailors
  • My Lover Suspects I Have a Wife
  • Skipping Stones

Jacob Edwards [Fiction Spotlight]

  • Wanderlust