Volume 15 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2013

Corinne Elysse Adams

  • Lutherie

Sy Margaret Baldwin

  • A Short Story

Christopher Barnes

  • Filming Blood Shot Silk– Deleted Scene (8)

Seth Benton

  • Chestnuts

John F. Buckley

  • Decree

Kenneth DiMaggio

  • Our Lady of Fatima Festival, Ludlow Massachusetts, 2012

Colin Dodds

  • An Hour After Saying “I Love You”

John Driscoll

  • The Fifth Floor

Debra Gingerich

  • During The Oil Spill, May 21, 2010

Jonathan Greenhause

  • A Simple Poem

Janet Hagelgans

  • Barbequed Chickens

Doris Henderson

  • Mr. Morrisey’s Distress

Ivan Hobson

  • At the Kitchen Table

Thomas Alan Holmes

  • Because Cucumbers

Marilyn E Johnston

  • Love Sentence
  • At Starbucks

dave kelly

  • Archaeologies: A Subtext

Erren Geraud Kelly

  • On the Bus

Pamela Koskey

  • The Search

Meredith Kunsa

  • Through the Glass
  • Honeysuckle

Mitch LesCarbeau

  • Waiting for the Terrorists

Roberta Magraff

  • Second Opinion

Fred Melton

  • The Other Hippocrates

Pat Mottola

  • Dear Doug

Kelly Nelson

  • Word Count

Rebecca Hart Olander

  • Reciprocity

Ralph Pennel

  • So Much Good Weather
  • Why Have I Not Written Back Before Now, at the Welcome Approach of Spring

Richard King Perkins II

  • Bouvet island

Tom Pescatore

  • I swear it

Dave Reddall

  • A Friend Had Loaned Me

Andy Roberts

  • It’s Raining at the Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant
  • In Flame

Matt Rossi

  • A Flight of Birds Over Water

Susan Sanders

  • After Suicide

Kate E. Schultz

  • Dead Mouse

Marian Kaplun Shapiro

  • Going In

Marc Swan

  • Passage

Ola Topczewska

  • The Glassroom

Barret Warner

  • The Feature Race

Florence Weinberger

  • The Problem

Neil Whitman

  • No Relief in Sight: Walter Sickert’s Painting, Ennui

James K. Zimmerman

  • On Your First Week in Brooklyn

Poetry Contest Winners

Eve Forti [1st Place]

  • Beautiful

Marc Wagenaar [2nd Place]

  • Sonopuncture [2nd Place Poetry Contest]

Laverne Frith [3rd Place]

  • Mother, The Day Long

Carol Frith [Honorable Mention]

  • Where Do The Stories Come From?

Judith Hemschemeyer [Honorable Mention]

  • My Mother’s yearbook

Steve Lautermilch [Honorable Mention]

  • Breakthrough

Joseph Vass [Honorable Mention]

  • Gulag