Volume 16 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2014

Marlk L. Beggs

  • Arkansas at Dusk
  • Pisces

James Bettendorf

  • Shoes

Josh A. Brewer

  • African Pompano

Bill Brown

  • Marks

Kathy Butterworth

  • Sky Out of Hiding
  • Artist Who Paints Skies

Tom Chandler

  • Niaux Cave Paintings

Mary Crow

  • In My Beginning

Jesse Curran

  • Fuji-San

Daniel Daly

  • Tangier Tuck and Go

Nicole DiCello

  • Inextricable
  • Ode to the Dreamworld

Alanna Flood

  • The Casket Egg

Jennifer L. Freed

  • In Another World

D. Dina Friedman

  • The Wolf in the Suitcase

Ben Gunsberg

  • One Lousy Enemy
  • Welcome, Dangerous life

J. Todd Hawkins

  • Leaving Lima

Ivan Hobson

  • The Fair.

Rebekkah Keaton

  • Months After
  • The Rim

Sandra Kolankiewicz

  • The Identified Client

Kirston Koths

  • The Davy Crockett Outfit

Robert La Fleur

  • Fear of Fishing

Michael Lauchlan

  • What’s About to Be

Sean Lause

  • Find the Object

Sherilyn Lee

  • It’s About to Get Real at the Waffle House

Judith Ann Levison

  • Beautiful Fur Coats
  • Pirate Ship Ring

Cynthia Chadwick Linkas

  • Closing Rockledge in the Fall

Lily Iona Mackenzie

  • Babbling

Susan Hazel Maurer

  • Jellyfish: Falling Asleep

Kevin Patrick McCarthy

  • Write a Fountain
  • Old Dogs in Snow

Sandy McCord

  • Fica

Jenny Morse

  • NotcH

Anne Mullin

  • Against Time

Kristine Ong Muslim

  • The Curfew

Gay Paluch

  • After a Blast in Bangkok, Valentine’s Day
  • For Sally Ann

Janet Parlato

  • Firing Process

Fredda Pearlson

  • the body electric (heart sounds)

Irena Praitis

  • Body Box Detail
  • Walked on

Sean Prentiss

  • Before Dawn

John Repp

  • A Report

Leonard Roller

  • The Lathe

Barbara Sabol

  • Solitary Spin
  • Understanding the Laws of Motion

Frank Salvidio

  • Wit

Ellen Sazzman

  • Before the Unique Thrift Shop Is Torn Down

Carol Smallwood

  • Icon
  • Ode to Windy Days

Ellen Steinbaum

  • The Dutch Still Life Bouquets

Eilish Thompson

  • Military Girlfriend

Von Thompson

  • Depression Story

Robert Walicki

  • quiet

Marty Walsh

  • The Muse

Neil Whitman

  • First Sign of Trouble

Gerard Zipper

  • Rarified Mountain

Poetry Contest Winners

Gabrielle Burton [1st Place]

  • Why is Not the Question

Cary Waterman [2nd Place]

  • Lluvia

Carol Frith [3rd Place]

  • Pinnacle of Joy

Laverne Frith [Honorable Mention]

  • An Ode to Ferns

Gunilla Norris [Honorable Mention]

  • Wedding Two Places