Volume 17 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2015

Jeffrey Alfier

  • The Sun Well Set

Maria Luisa Arroyo

  • La Finca de Tabaco: The Tobacco Farm, 1951

Nan Becker

  • If a wren knows not of death

Mark Belair

  • New England

Anthony Botti

  • Middlefield, 7.14.12
  • Housekeeping

Mark Broeske

  • PrairieLand

Joseph Buehler

  • A Green Meadow Cell

Charles Cantrell

  • Untying the Knot

Jo-Anne Cappeluti

  • Window Seat
  • Her Father, Dying in Ohio

Jacob Chapman

  • Time on Your Hands

Nicholas Michael Clark

  • Puddle Moon

Douglas Cole

  • Trunyan

Ralph Culver

  • Bargainers

Douglas K. Currier

  • Suddenly, strawberries
  • The sun is shining

Frank De Canio

  • Summery Summation

Hollie Dugas

  • Elusive Souvenirs

Adam Durso

  • Hunger

Jennifer L. Freed

  • Knife Thrower
  • How to Love Your Teenage Daughter

Laura Glenn

  • Planktonic

Bill Glose

  • Mural in Reverse

David Gross

  • Rubber Guns

Janet Hagelgans

  • Hantush, Iraq, 2003

Lisa Hartz

  • Study of Lillia, Carolus-Duran, 1887

Lowell Jaeger

  • It’s a Thirsty World

Susan Johnson

  • Helping Grandma Move
  • Old Barn

Laura M. Kaminski

  • At the Sink

Ellen LaFleche

  • Credo for things that crack and break

Paul Lamar

  • For Ethel

Charlene Langfur

  • Trying to Get Back on the Path
  • I Think We Can Rescue Ourselves

Daniel J. Langton

  • Sehnsucht

Lyn Lifshin

  • Marilyn Tries to Remember the Bedroom She Had When She Was Nine
  • Nights It Was Too Hot to Stay in the Apartment

Carol Lischau

  • There Must Have Been a Cause

Ted Lord

  • Devotional
  • I want

Peter Ludwin

  • Morning at Lake Leo

Brian McCarty

  • Imaginary Friends

Dimitri McCloghry

  • Verdict

Sandy McCord

  • Sunflowers in London

Joyce Meyers

  • Beginnings

John N. Miller

  • Missing, In Action

Greg Moglia

  • Budapest… Vienna… Prague

Robert Nazarene

  • The Antonym of Abraham Lincoln

Patty Dickson Pieczka

  • Trade Winds

Michael Poage

  • Scottish Sonnet
  • ‘Being Zeus’

Suzanne Rhodenbaugh

  • The Dying Man Visit

Nicholas Roos

  • Love Cells

Yosef Rosen

  • Too Far Gone

Eric Roy

  • Dropping In

Scott Ruescher

  • On a Chicken Bus in Guatemala
  • Carp

Doug Rutledge

  • Speculate

Richard Schiffman

  • Boys and Branches

Matthew J. Spireng

  • Civil War Ancestor

Adam Stengel

  • Poem-a-Day

Sokunthary Svay

  • Embody

Marc Swan

  • Last Leg of the Journey

Eugenie Juliet Theall

  • Bathtime

John Urban

  • Reminiscences

Marty Walsh

  • Bedtime Story

Will Walton

  • London

Robert N. Watson

  • Heaven

Steven Winn

  • Desert Petroglyphs

Laryssa Wirstiuk

  • Bodega Mangoes

Barry Yeoman

  • Arc of the Sun

Poetry Contest Winners

Matthew J. Spireng [First Place]

  • Good Work

Beth Paulson [Second Place]

  • Each Life Converges to Some Centre

Diana Wolfe Larkin [Third Place]

  • I Walk in the Gentle Wood

Fiction Spotlight

Deborah S. Prespare

  • No Weight

Featured Poem

Marian K. Shapiro

  • Ground