Volume 19 Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2017

Shani Abramowitz

  • Clean
  • Sunshine Boy

Terry Allen

  • There Was No Need to Run off to Join the Circus

Jonathan Andersen

  • Space-time Is Curved, Bounded but Infinite

Robert Avery

  • Tranche de Vie
  • No Angel

Noah Bennet

  • A Brief Biography of the Last Roller-Skating Waitress

Ace Boggess

  • My Story

Kathy Butterworth

  • You unzip your mind

Abby Caplin

  • Naiad’s Den
  • Stewie the Neighbor’s Borderline Squirrel

Jay Carson

  • Only Connect
  • The Echoes of Wind Gap

T. Clear

  • How to Burn an Ex-Lover’s Poems

Darren Demaree

  • You Don’t Have to Die Well for Me #52

Gail DiMaggio

  • Flash and the Land o’ Lakes Girl

Kristen Elde

  • Layover Season

Jennifer L. Freed

  • Dry Season
  • Climbing out of a Well

Bill Glose

  • Behind the Curtain

Jonathan Greenhause

  • Our History Moves in Waves
  • Next Time,

Jim Gustafson

  • Necessity

Carol Hamilton

  • Useless Information

Danielle Hanson

  • Height

Ben Heins

  • Texting, Pre-First Date

William Hilary

  • Last Minute Revisions
  • Unpolished Stone

Elizabeth Hitchcock

  • Mastering the Divine

Maisie Houghton

  • Love Poem

Seth Jani

  • Curriculum Vitae

Susan Johnson

  • Forget Ten and Two
  • It’s the Same Life

Claire Keyes

  • Swinging
  • First Job/Sixteen

Mary Louise Kiernan Hagerdon

  • The Un-Wedding

Andrew Kuhn

  • At the Sluice

Lee Landau

  • Didn’t You Ever

Sam Lane

  • Better than dogs

Samantha Lê

  • Summer Sale

Sidney Lee

  • in time

Laurie Lessen-Reiche

  • The Zeus I Loved

Kevin J. McDaniel

  • Burn Out

Scott McDaniel

  • The Lament of the Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape at Having Been Chosen that Fateful Day
  • My Affair

Gary Metras

  • Isola Bella

Irene Mitchell

  • Company

Tom Montag

  • Speed-reading Early James Tate
  • Early Spring

Ann Niedringhaus

  • 1953

Robert Nisbet

  • The Impresarios

Bibhu Padhi

  • Summer, Dhenkanal

Charles Rammelkamp

  • Rigoletto

Elizabeth Rees

  • The Origins of Capitalism
  • Bicycle Thief

Louise Robertson

  • DNA

Virginia Smith Rice

  • Into the Crowded Sky (Affect, Affliction)

Chris Souza

  • Fever

Joseph Stern

  • We Work to Keep a Constant Flow of Goods

Henry Stimpson

  • Mechanical Garage Dirge

Allison Taylor

  • Get Home Safe, Darlin’
  • Home Schooling

David Thornbrugh

  • We’ll Always Have Paris

Barbara Tramonte

  • Should I Care
  • Native New Yorker

Emily M. Trask

  • The Mistake that Water Made
  • The Drying Wrack

Jay Udall

  • Lost Feather, Little Wing
  • Outside

Kari Wergeland

  • Fishing

D.C. Wiltshire

  • accompaniment

A.D. Winans

  • Back from an MRI

Liu Ying

  • Nest of Love

Joseph Zaccardi

  • Girl with Mandolin

Poetry Contest Winners

Elton Glaser — First Place

  • The Fifties, from the Back Row

Janet Reed — Second Place

  • Toughs: A Pantoum to Third-Grade

Charles Atkinson — Third Place

  • Less

Allen Tullos — Honorable Mention

  • The Dream of Calibration

Anna Mullen — Honorable Mention

  • Oshodi Birds

Matthew J. Spireng — Honorable Mention

  • Haunted

Roberta Marggraff — Honorable Mention

  • Arcade

Fiction Spotlight

Oonagh C. Doherty

  • Working Class Cred

Celia Hameury

  • The Dollhouse