Volume 21 issue 1

Spring/Summer 2019

Lindsay Adkins

  • Forget the Moon

Nancy Jo Allen

  • Medusa of the Deep

Rusty Barnes

  • A Simple Break

T.P. Bird

  • Visit to a Country Graveyard

Robert Cooperman

  • The Safe World

Abby Cothran

  • Istanbul in July

James Crews

  • Annunciation on Rue Saint-Urbain

Brian Cronwall

  • A Painting Is Not a Lake
  • Artichoke Heart

KayLee Davis

Doug D'Elia

  • Slow Boat to China

Richard Dinges, Jr.

  • Last of the Flock

Audrey Dubois

  • A Tour of My Grandfather's 18th Century Oil Portrait, to the Gallery Curator that Rejected Her

Howard Faerstein

  • Mythomania

Robert Fillman

  • Learning the Hard Way

Bernadette Geyer

  • The Long Man

Bill Glose

  • Transition Period

Jonathan Greenhause

  • After slaying the dragon,

Sean Griffin

  • My Brother, Afloat at Sea

Jean Hallingstad

  • Calliope

Linda Flaherty Haltmaier

  • To the Brink

AE Hines

  • Phone Call
  • Language Immersion

Kathleen Holliday

  • Post-Impressionism

Lynn Holmgren

  • Moon Raises a Glass

Wendy Insiger

  • Locus

Susan Johnson

  • Ready Or Not

Susan Doble Kaluza

  • Bone Bottom
  • Trains

Candice Kelsey

  • Between a Mother and Son

Rick Kempa

  • Too Vast for Sleep

Kathy Kroener

  • Welcome to California

Charlene Langfur

  • New Day

Amy Lerman

  • Ten Suggestions on How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Allison Lorber

  • banned fireworks

Alex MacConochie

  • The Trespassers

Robert Manaster

  • Ellis Island Redux
  • From My Muse

LQ McDonald III

  • they watched

Joyce Meyers

  • Rescue

David O'Connell

  • Why I Return to Tired Metaphor

Marge Piercy

  • February dreaming

Cathy Porter

  • Every Red Light

Donna Pucciani

  • Laundry

Trace Ramsey

  • If They Weren't Old Bones

Michele Randall

  • Thirteen Truths

Anne Randolph

  • Airport Bus

Stephen R. Roberts

  • The Boat He Remembers
  • Remembering Circus Elephants Remembering

Kate Wallace Rogers

  • Catch

Anne Rundell

  • The "To Do" List I Write in My Head During Depressions

Carla Schwartz

  • The Joy

Jacalyn Shelley

  • Father's Bible

Dianne Silvestri

  • In the Local Gallery

Martha Strom

  • Pest

Jacqueline Sullivan

  • Sonnet for a Neighbor's Lilies

Alex Thomas

  • The last time I saw Abraham Lincoln alive

Parker Towle

  • Roaring Brook: Katahdin

Tara Westmor

  • The Audacity of Undoing

Robert Wooten

  • Camp

Yvonne Zipter

  • Still Waters
  • Regrets, I've Had a Few

Poetry Contest Winners

Roy Bentley [First Place]

  • Luis Sarria, Muhammed Ali's Longtime Cut Man, Prepares the Boxer's Face for a Workout in Deer Lake in 1978

Richard Cummins [Second Place]

  • Carpe Diem

Terry Hall Bodine [Third Place]

  • Hitting the Bottle