Volume 22 issue 1

Spring/Summer 2020

Sonia Aggarwal

  • Haath ki kadhai

  • Mehndi

Faiz Ahmad

  • The Night

Samir Atassi

  • Fraser Carol

Roy Bentley

  • James Dean Commemorative Mug

  • Charlie Parker Died Laughing at a Juggler on TV

Dudgrick Bevins

  • Icarus, Who

Carl Boon

  • Midterm Exam for American Lit 3016

  • For You, Who Reads Poems

Michael J. Catherwood

  • Chemo

Robert Clinton

  • Prudence

Douglas Cole

  • Penrose Staircase

  • Zen Painting

Rachel Landrum Crumble

  • Party Lines, 1963

Ted Davis

  • Standing Water

Colin Dodd

  • On the Trail of the Confounder

Christina H. Felix

  • Dear Henry

  • Reaching for My Goodness

Robert René Galván

  • The Devil’s Trumpet

Lisa Grgas

  • NoNoNoNoNo

Holly Guran

  • Morning Ode to Compost

  • Weeds

Susan Johnson

  • Molasses

  • Open Water

Brian Kates

  • For Matthew

  • The Year’s First Snow

Jamie Elliott Keith

  • Reading in the Winter Sun

Veeda Khan

  • Teatime

  • The Sidewalks

Casey Knott

  • Homing

Bruce Lader

  • Asylum

Laurinda Lind

  • Changeling

  • Comebacks

Ralph Long, Jr.

  • A Letter to Philip Levine about Modern Work

Richard Luftig

  • June, Ohio, Seven A.M.

Andrew Shattuck McBride

  • Travelers

Sjohnna McCray

  • Two Ways of Seeing God

Bruce Parker

  • Jean-Theophane Venard (1829-1861), Priest, Interrupted

Ilari Pass

  • Where none is lonely

Hannah Pelletier

  • Emily

Barry Peters

  • The Suspended List

Allen M. Price

  • Tango: 3way ‘ 53

Ellen Reichman

  • Look What They’ve Done to My Poem

  • A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

Cressida Richards

  • Flockmate Loss

Bruce Robinson

  • Late Night Radio

Errol Rubenstein

  • A Friend to Ward Off the Dark

Cliff Saunders

  • Parting Shot

Barbara Saunier

  • In This House We Believe in Sweaters

  • John Lennon’s Socks

Nicole Scott

  • Crush

Michael J. Shepley

  • Confession

  • Free Trade/Fair Trade

Bobbi Sinha-Morey

  • The Violet Hour

Christopher Snook

  • O Radix Jesse

  • Public Transit in the Semana Santa

Matthew J. Spireng

  • Reflections on My Mother’s Birthday

Rodney Torreson

  • Tail Gator

Emily Townsend

  • Anticipatory Nostalgia Behind the Wheel

Jean Tucker

  • New Year’s Morning: Full Sun on Snow

  • The Minister Drops By

Sarah Brown Weitzman

  • At the Shore

  • A Well of Despair

Fred White

  • Sketch

Frederick Wilbur

  • Damned Lucky: 1969

Marne Wilson

  • The Answering Machine

Jane Yolen

  • Winter Prayer

Poetry Contest Winners

Cassandra Rockwood-Rice [First Place]

  • Table of Contents

Darius Simpson [Second Place]

  • When I Say I Have Known Black Boys Like You

Adrienne Christian [Third Place]

  • Wedding Dress

Alfredo Antonio Arevalo [Honorable Mention]

  • Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Michael Baldwin [Honorable Mention]

  • Octavia

Pamela Gemme [Honorable Mention]

  • Working the Child At Risk Hotline

Karen Mandell [Honorable Mention]

  • Yard Sale

Tobi-Hope Jieun Park [Honorable Mention]

  • the easier way to deconstruct a monroe (by waveform? or otherwise?)”

Arien Reed [Honorable Mention]

  • Stay

Fiction Spotlight

Matt McGowan

  • Along the Frog