Katherine Van Eddy

Ars Poetica

I’m a letter
without need

for response,
a letter between

friends, old friends,
the kind of friend

I had when
I was young,

young enough
not to hide,

when I lived
wide open

to a world
that would break

my heart,
a heart I thought

knew breaking before,
but hadn’t.

I am a bowl
mended by kintsugi,

a whole
made of pieces

broken and fused
together, golden

repair. A stained-
glass window

that fractures

I am apology
and I am forgiveness,

a penance
for the pain

we inflict
and pass on,

a lifetime
of Hail Marys

and hallelujahs,
no longer mine

to carry alone.
I shine

when I find air,
when I join you.