Diana Mullins


Like koi, creativity swims in the water garden of my mind

two oddballs, the mottled tangerine kawarimono,
graze algae off the rocky bottom
tasting settled vestiges and digesting fermented greens

as sunlight waves from across the pond they swoon
at new reflections of endangered then disappeared memories
of a long-lost golden ki utsuri with her impossible spine markings melting into black

The brilliance of the extinct is just what we’ve all been looking for.

I’m sure I’ll recall this thought later when I sit down to write.
Let me finish the washing first.
Let me feed the cats and set them to purr.

Now then, I perch my lavender-scented fingers over the keyboard.

sitting at the edge, wet to my knees, the bubbles ‘n' splash speak of gathering fish
tips of their tales break through and resubmerge
silvered circle moon scales dance under lily pads

here is our gassy pearlescent, gulping at the boundary, swallowing striding surface dwellers

But where did the lumine golden go? She was the perfect metaphor.
Something about not attending to your intuition
everything to do with the extinction of a flightless bird.