Carter Rekoske

You Must Sing

after Li-Young Lee

      the hurricane lamp
in our house is electric,
so it goes out as the tornado
      passes by.

but the flashlight on my phone
       breaks the darkness
       so I can read:
you must sing to be found—

the hurricane lamp lights up again—
      when found, you must sing.

      Sure, I can sing
emptiness is
       the mother of all things—

      a song from the fortune
cookie you keep
       inside your phone case.

I can question,
      but you will still believe it.
One of those

inexplicable things.
      I unplug the hurricane lamp—
darkness, emptiness.

      So, I sing it again
emptiness is the mother of all things
     and it starts to make sense.

             But then,
       the phone rings.